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1 – Rolling registrations

has.  Booking taken into account

A registration is valid for 1 person and 1 motorcycle. A contribution of €5 will be requested for each additional motorcycle.

When you make your reservation, you will receive an automatic email mentioning our bank details and the amount to be paid.
A reminder email will be sent after 5 days. 
Payment must imperatively be received within 8 days of the reservation, otherwise it will be definitively cancelled.

When booking late, payment must be received no later than 48 hours before the event.

At a full event, the first payment collected will take priority over another payment.

After verification of your payment, an automatic email will be sent to you to confirm your registration.

Warning: unless there is an error in the email address or a network problem, any driver who has not received this confirmation email is considered not to have registered for the event.

b.  Nullity

Are considered null:

  • Reservations not paid and not received 48 hours before the event.

  • Reservations for which payment has arrived less than 48 hours before the event (*).

  • Bulk bookings with a single payment where full identities and levels have not been provided.

(*) In the case of late payment, the driver presenting himself at the "Welcome" on the day of the event will be able to assert his reservation by submitting the bank proof of his payment. It will not be included in the day's registration lists since it does not fall within the general conditions of validity of registration. His registration may be effective depending on the availability of places in his level group. In case of impossibility to ride, he will be able to benefit from a gift voucher valid for one year.

vs.  Disclaimer

Any registered driver who does not show up on the day of the event before 9:00 a.m. at the "Welcome", without having previously informed, will see his registration canceled without the possibility of reimbursement. His place will therefore be available for the requests of the day.

Conditions for canceling a paid reservation:

  • Up to 20 days before the event
    cancellation possible by email following 3 options:

    • Postponement to an identical incomplete event,

    • Possible replacement by a rider of the same level.

  • Less than 20 days before the event 
    no cancellation or postponement possible but

    • Possible replacement by a rider of the same level.

Covid-19: APM Organization cannot be held responsible for a cancellation due to quarantine or border closure, there will be no refund.

d.  Waiting list

When an event is full, it is possible to register on the waiting list.

If a place becomes available, the replacement will be made according to the following criteria:

  • the date of reservation,

  • the desired level,

  • the amount available in the kitty during a "last days" replacement.

Participation is not guaranteed, APM Organization is the only authority that has the power to decide on the choice of replacement made.

The selected reservist will receive a payment notice or will be automatically registered if the requested amount is available in his kitty.
He will then receive a notice of confirmation of registration by email.
Any request to cancel this registration will not be accepted.

However, it will be possible to register on site depending on availability on the day and subject to payment of the pre-sale price plus a €20 administrative fee.
Applicants will be received in the order of their arrival.

e.  Groups by level of experience or pace

Four level groups are formed according to your personal criteria. The number of groups can be changed depending on the number of participants.

A reenactment is scheduled for the afternoon. Any driver invited to change group must do so under penalty of not having access to the track.
In any case, if no level information is known by APM Organisation, the driver will be directed to the slowest group.

f.  Noise

The participant agrees to respect the noise limit standards imposed by the circuit. The original exhaust is required otherwise it must be equipped with a "dB killer". The noise standards are listed on the circuit sites. ( )

As of 01/01/2020, the limits of 94dB static and 101dB dynamic generally apply.

Complete engine silence must be respected before 9 a.m., from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. and after 6 p.m., including in the paddock.

The organizer can exclude at any time a participant who presents a motorcycle with technical defects (tires, brakes, noises, oil leaks, etc.) and this, without reimbursement or carryover into the possible kitty.


has.  Authorized payment methods

  • By bank transfer, the payment information is sent to you by email. Your reservation is only validated after our accounting check.

  • In cash on site, the price of the taxi is increased for administrative costs (see price indicated in the "Welcome").

b.  Invoice request

Any invoice request is made online via the booking form (fill in the billing details). 
The invoice may be requested by email no later than 8 days after the event free of charge. Beyond this deadline, any late request will be accompanied by an administrative charge of €30.

vs.  Terms

Our invoices are sent within 15 days of the service. Our invoices are payable 15 days from the date of issue. Failure to pay on the due date will automatically and without warning result in interest of 1% per month from the date of the invoice and the amount will be increased by 15% with a minimum of €150 as lump sum compensation. for extrajudicial costs. Any contestation of an invoice must reach us by registered post no later than 8 days after the date of issue. In the event of a dispute, only the courts of Neufchâteau are competent.


Access to the paddock is reserved for participants. Speed is limited to 10 km/h. Accompanying vehicles must remain in the upper car park.

In the pitlane, the speed is limited to 30 km/h. Smoking is prohibited. Children under 15 are not permitted unless accompanied by an adult. Animals are prohibited.

The organizer cannot be held responsible for accidents that users (pilots or accompanying persons) may suffer, both physically and materially. He will not be responsible for thefts or disputes arising between users within the enclosure of the circuit, track, pitlane, paddock, car park, office...

It is forbidden to bring in and/or consume alcohol or drugs. Failure to comply may result in exclusion.

The organizer reserves the right to interrupt the progress of participants at any time for security reasons.

Only photographers with a valid press card are authorized to circulate around the circuit. They will have to sign, as soon as they arrive, a waiver of appeal. They must wear a fluorescent chasuble.


Any damage caused by a participant or his companions within the circuit - both with regard to the enclosure, the infrastructure as well as the track and its accessories - is the responsibility of the participant.

When you receive a transponder, you are responsible for it. The transponder must be put on correctly. In case of loss or defect, an amount of 400 € will be invoiced to the driver. This amount must be paid immediately. When you register, you accept these conditions.


If, for a reason of force majeure (bad weather, incident on the track or unexpected), one, several or all the sessions of the event should be cancelled, the participant undertakes not to claim compensation or reimbursement or postponement in the kitty to the organizer.


I undertake to obey all indications by signals and/or flags. Failure to comply may result in exclusion from the event.

I agree to attend the mandatory briefing at the start of the event. If I was not able to attend this briefing, I will have to attend another briefing with an instructor before hitting the track, at the risk of missing the first driving session.

At the end of the briefing, a bracelet or an adhesive pad will be provided to you. No distinctive sign = no track access.

I accept the risks inherent in driving a motorcycle or car on the circuit without being able to take action against the organizer of the event, whether I am injured by my fault or by that of another person present on the track (panel author, photographer, curator, trainee, service staff or other).

I declare that I know that only a care station with 2 nurses, an ambulance and a doctor will be accessible during the events.

I declare that I have the physical aptitude for driving on a circuit.

I declare on my honor that all the information provided on the registration documents is correct.

I declare that I am registering in full knowledge of the risks incurred.

I undertake to complete and sign the waiver of appeal on the day of the event, at the latest.

I release the organizer from any criminal or civil liability in the event of bodily injury or material damage that may occur during the events. In the event of a dispute, the courts of Neufchâteau will have sole jurisdiction.


It is presented in the form of a unique code to be entered when registering online at the time of payment.

Last modifications: 01/17/2022

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